Recent notes

A bit of perspective

Sitting on the tram this morning flicking idly through my twitter stream, worrying about a day of client interviews and Z’s upcoming birthday party.

I'd forgotten that today was the memorial for little Rebecca Meyer. So stupid to have followed the story for so long and to have not...

Not everything is about you

Hi. I couldn’t help but notice you glaring at me and my daughter.

Look, we’re genuinely not trying to make your life hard or unpleasant by being here. We just need to get from this place, to this other place, and being Melbourne the tram seemed like a nice...

The machine that goes ping!


I really enjoy podcasts. Really, seriously enjoy them. I enjoy them so much that they transform physically monotonous and gruelling tasks like housework and running into, if not something-I look-forward-to, then at least something–I–don't–actively–avoid.

What I find difficult though, is discovery – finding new podcasts....

Starting with sourdough

Reservoir Sourdough

I think there's something a bit wonderful about baking your own bread. The soft living flesh of the dough as it grows. The memory laden smells as it bakes and turns golden in the oven. The crisp crack of the crust as it hardens...

In the pipe