My kingdom for a dot ruled notebook
11 July 2013

Sample grid paper

For some time now I've been keeping my eyes open for a source of relatively cheap A4 dot ruled pads in Melbourne for general design and wireframing.

Behance offer a nice hardcover ring bound dot pad, but at $15 plus postage it's a little expensive for daily use. I also quite like the Rhodia dot pads (around $10), available locally, but in my (admittedly anecdotal experience) a bit hard to find in a pinch.

While searching I also came across a variety of nice printable paper options, including Ben Martineau's nice Grids For Sketching set and the big archive at Printable Paper. I couldn't find quite the setup I was looking for, so I made my own, and figured I might as well share it.

There are a PDF, 5mm dot ruled grid in A3. To print to A3 or smaller make sure that scaling is set to 100% in your print dialog (even for A3 or the page will scale to make room for for the paper feed).

Download A3 dot grid paper(PDF)

Share and enjoy!

Edited 2·5·2014
After using this for a while, I found it was been easier to keep an A3 PDF of the grid which can be used to print to A3, A4, A5 etc. with 100% page scaling. I've updated the link above to the new sheet.